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Where to get frogs and info in UK ?
Hi ppl I'm wanting to make a viv and get some dart frogs so I've started looking into the do's and donts and have noticed that here in the UK it seems hard to find ppl who will be willing to give advise on this like where to get darts from a breeder and where to get material for substrate, where to get fruit flies etc etc. Would really appreciate your help...

Cheers wolly Big Grin
Welcome to Dart Den Wolly. Here's a subforum that you can post your U.K questions in, or you can PM the members in it for more personal info.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Hi Wolly, greetings from Denmark!

- I think DendroWorks might be able to help with getting the frogs:

And here´s one that looks to be a good supplyer with substrate and everything else:

- Makes me wish I lived in the UK Wink
Flemming, Denmark. ... de-sumaco/
(In English, about conservancy in Ecuador)
Thanks Phil I've posted on there so hopefully someone gets back to me... And thanks Flemish they look like good places to start. Big Grin

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