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Phyllobates vittatus for sale
Species - Phyllobates Vittatus
Line/Origin - JL Exotics
Age: 3 months and younger
Quantity - 15+
Price - $40 each

* Discounts on group buys
* Locals preferred --> no experience with shipping frogs
* Very limited interest in trades right now

PM me if you have any interest/questions
All reasonable offers will be considered.

I really need to open up some space. Would consider shipping frogs if someone could help me through the process.


consider a trip to Hamburg the end of may be able to wholesale them out to a vendor / re-seller there. Mike Novy, Keith, Tim Heath...guys like that would probably give you an offer for them all.

just some addtional options.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I appreciate the advice.


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