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Lowe's told me today that, nationally, it is discontinuing carrying GE Silicone II Black and Brown caulk. They are presently having a discontinued sale for 50% off---$2.03/tube!!! I don't know if this means GE is discontinuing it (I would doubt it), but Lowe's is not going to carry it anymore.

One word of caution: the half off silicone in my local Lowe's was not on display with their regular priced silicone. Instead, it was way back in the Contractor's Pick-Up area near the big garage door. So, if you don't see it on the regular display, ASK as I did---do not just walk out. This is a real deal and this stuff will keep for a bit. Personally, I don't think the expiration date has any impact on what we're doing with the stuff.

Good luck and tell them "Froggin' Eddie" sent 'ya!

[Image: IMG_2907.jpg]/img]
Appreciate that're a good egg and we thank ya !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
You know I love 'ya Phil (and Dart Den)!
OK, before anyone starts screaming at me for this post: I bought all of the brown Silicone Lowe’s Store 1 had. I asked if they had anymore and they said no, but they would check the other stores in the area. Store 2, 20 miles away, has 28 tubes they told me. So, tonight I drive out to Store 2 and manager there says we have the tubes, but not at the sales price. He explained that it is an individual store policy when and how to price discontinued items. His store had not officially “discontinued” the product pricewise. Of course, I was upset because Store 1 never told me this, so the Store 2 manager honored the Store 1 referral. I am posting this only because I do not know what the Lowe’s stores in your area might be doing with the prices on this product. If you’re driving any distance, you may want to call that Lowe’s first to procure the price on these tubes.
I BET if you really complain and make some insistance...they would honor that price for a couple tubes. i'd do it.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I have reason to believe that the brown silicone is deadly to frogs---even after it has been allowed to cure for a couple of weeks. The smell continues to remain in the tank and a friend who had serious allergies visited and got immediately congested. This GE brown silicone does cure as quickly or as odorlessly as does the clear counterpart. I will never use it again. In fact, I have stopped using back drops completely.

2 things I'm set on....not using as much great stuff or adhesives and not using too much silicone.

Gorilla glue seems to work for people.

I would only use clear 'aquarium grade' silicone. I know that many of the Homedepot and Lowes brands are fine and safe, but I tend to just use the aquarium /small squeeze tube stuff.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I tint GE silicone 1 with a little black iron oxide. Any pottery place should have iron oxide of many colors. I would also bet cement tint would work.
What some see as death, others see as beauty.


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