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want to do right for frogs
Hi ppl I'm warren from Essex England. Always been interested in frogs ever since I was a kid I was fascinated by them and the whole morph thing, the reason I want darts is because I want to do my part in preserving these amazing little fellas. Im looking to get into the hobby sometime in the next year so therefore am doing my research before I start building a viv. What are the main things I need to know. I'm planning on starting with azureus in a euro style viv with real plants etc etc I've been looking into different types of substrates and can't decide which is the best way to go. Any tips or advice on this and what plants are best would be greatly appriciated.

Regards warren
Hi Warren,

I like how you are taking your time with everything ! So refreshing to hear that and not the opposite and more common, impulse buying.

In short..all you need to do is visit Stu and Shaz - I saw that they extended an invite to you. I recommend that 1000% - visiting an established frogger. I've had @ 25 'new' hobbyists over to my basement frog room and I feel that's the way to go to start out. Once there, and you see all the vivs and frogs, you will be sorted out - proper. No worries at have plenty of time.

Also...try to attend a regional "reptile show" / pet show. Dunno if they have then named thus, like they do here in the U.S, but all the medium to large size show will have ALL the supplies and enclosures ect that you will need.

Fascinating hobby and animals....good people....i'm sure you'll enjoy yourself.



"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Sounds like you are going about this in the right manner, there are also a few books out there that you can read to help improve background knowledge. I love visiting other breeders houses and seeing their set ups, it's a great way to fall in love with a new species, get plant cuttings or learn about new methods to improve our vivs. Good Luck on everything, as far as plants and substrates, for your first viv I would go with a basic foundation, false bottom, hydroton, ABG or another soil mix, it is an easy set up and works well for most everyone. Plants are up to you, I pick one or two that you find beautiful and then mix in a couple hardy plants including a vine to help cover your background. Look around to see who locally sells tropical plants, and then you can pick up the rare/non-regionally available stuff online. Also I would look through build guides to see a real step by step breakdown of the process and to gain ideas from other breeders.

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