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This right stuff?

If so, what needs to be mixed with it...peat moss or sphagnum moss? and what is a good mixing ratio

well can someone tell me I would like to moisten it if its the right stuff

I really don't mean for this to come off sounding rude, but you need to give people a chance to reply. You replied wondering why no one has responded in less than an hour after your original post and have done the same in every post you've made. Again, I hope that didn't come off sounding rude because I didn't mean it to.

To answer your question: Yes, that is the coco bedding everyone has talked about. From what I've gathered there is no set mixture everyone seems do mix it differently.

well usually stitches reply quick

LOL only when im at "work". I was out enjoying a fine baseball game last evening.

That stuff will work fine. Again the substrate is upto you. In my first viv i did not mix it with anything, but you can. I sent you the atlanta botanical garden mix that is very popular.

It does not have to be spaghnum moss it can be other items. What you are trying to do is break the mix up so it does not compact to much and allows drainage. So anything from spaghnum moss to sand, coco husks, sticks. You get the idea, the only requirement is that it does not contain chemicals / pesticides / fertilizers.

If you can get it i highly recommend straight peat bricks from The peat has an anti bacterial quality.

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