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Hello Froggers!
Hi, my name is Keith, aka Wally. I've been scoping this site out for a couple weeks and am looking forward to the day I have my own viv up and running.

I have been a reef keeper for about three years now and had no idea I could keep poison dart frogs. I always thought they were deadly to keep at home.

On to my first set of questions:
1. I bought a biocube 14g for $50 from Petco. It was a manager/display price. (reg. $250) If anyone here could advise me if I should use the all-in-one biocube or if I should sell it and buy an actual viv?
2. I plan on not getting frogs until the frog show in Atlanta in July. Once my viv is all setup, minus frogs, is there any regular maintenance besides watering, that I should be concerned about.

Side note: the biocube has lighting, fans, and a back chamber for filtration that can be removed. I'm not heart set on the BC, but I do like the way the look in general. It's a clean looking box.

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to learning from everyone.


Hi Wally
Welcome to Dart Den! Dart frogs are only deadly to your wallet (budget) LOL

I had a bio cube used for fish and considered possible use but much prefer the exo/zoomed style for front opening doors. For your first viv I would recommend an 18x18 cube or larger. This allows you to keep 2-3 of frog you might want. If your on a tight budget, then wait for the $1 gallon sale at Petco and pick up a 29g, then buy some sheets of glass for the top from local hardware store.

Most important now is meeting some locals! There are many great folks in Atlanta area who can help you out, and maybe even offer visit to see setups in person. Also, I would highly recommend you buy a book on Dart frog care - go with Jason Juchems (author).
Scott - North Dallas
Welcome to Dart Den Wally.

I'll second the cube idea as 'not the best' for our frog husbandry purposes. It was designed for fish and not frogs and it's also a little small. A good rule of thumb is @ 10 gallons per frog.

The Zoomed and Exoterra brand terrariums / vivariums in the 'medium' range are excellent and @ 33 gallons. The front opening door is worth it's weight in gold.

take your time and post your questions here and you'll be WAY ahead of the game when you are ready to pull the trigger on an enclosure and species.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Hello Wally welcome to DD.
I'm sure you'll have no trouble adapting to dart frogs as there are many former fishkeepers here. I would have to agree that there are better choices for housing dart frogs than a bio cube. You're already headed down the right path doing lots of research before you purchase frogs. There are lots of froggers here and local to you in the ATL that will help you succeed. You also have the Atlanta Botanical Gardens nearby, be sure and go visit them for inspiration. I believe there is a thread of pictures from the ABG here on DD.
Once again welcome aboard and good luck.
Everyone...thanks for the input and welcome.

I think I will want a 2.1.0 setup so....

I'm off to the reefing website to post the BC for sale.


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