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Do I need plant baskets ?
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or is there a easier and cheaper way to attach plants to my back foam wall

No you don't need them. You can carve out a little hole or something instead.

No you dont need them. They can be nice, but in a smaller viv i would skip them. Most likely the plants you buy will not need to be in a pot to grow. If there is not a "crevice or crack" to stick the plants into i use wooden satay sticks from the grocery store. You can pick up a 100 for a few bucks. Hell after your done they work great on the grill. MMmm kababs, i think i just figured out what im having for dinner.

I and alot of others use a hot glue gun until the roots take hold i.e. bromes, Tillandsias, and other Epiphytes. Sometimes i use a combo of hot glue and toothpicks. Works great!!

Yes let me share my wisdom. lol. I like to use the baskets for holding larger plants plus it just makes it easier to foam it in from the start so you can make the hole face up instead of out. Here is what I do, I go to petco and I buy one of their crappy live plants that come in a basket just like the ones shown there, well I usually just buy one and take all of the baskets from the dead plants they have there and ask the guy if I can just have the baskets they usually say yes. Thats how I do it. If not just go to a local nursery and they sell them in a pack.


These baskets are available at hyroponics stores. If ya got one check it out.

Would little craft baskets work? I thought I could just cut off the handles. They were 3 for $! and do have some holes in the bottom for drainage. They are probably 2-3 inches in diameter.

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