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Understanding and saving poison frogs
I don't think this was posted here yet. A great conservation effort headed up by Justin Yeager. They only need like $500 more to save O. pumilio. Do you like this species? Of course you do, EVERYONE does! Then pledge please!!! Smile ... nous-frogs
-- Alex

toads.newts.tree frogs.dart frogs.geckos! I want a Vizsla next...
Thanks for posting this Alex. I posted it to our Facebook page a few days ago but it did need to be posted here too.

Thanks !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
No problem. Can't pass up on a great cause like this. Especially for everyone's favorite "train/sprinkler" calling PUMS! Wink
-- Alex

toads.newts.tree frogs.dart frogs.geckos! I want a Vizsla next...
Together, the NEFG has already raised over $1K in support of Justin's project which as of today broke through the threshold amount to be funded but still has a way to go before reaching the ultimate goal of $15,000.

C'mon Dartden, let's put our money where our mouth is - here is an opportunity to support O. pumilio research aimed at conservation. Instead of getting those awesome new frogs, why not donate to a project that might help keep them around.

As Justin notes, "Based on previous trips, I anticipate data collection for this project can be accomplished for around $2000, which I've set as the 'Minimum Required For Funding" amount. However, the costs of further processing the data (such as carotenoid and alkaloid samples) is much higher. Additionally and ideally, it's my hope to include more outreach to the local community, including educational material on biodiversity and conservation for local indigenous groups."

"All combined this project has a target goal of $15,000. Should more money be pledged, it will also be directly put into the project. That would allow for the inclusion of more students (both Panamanian and US students) to contribute to the research as well as allow us to do more expensive genetic analyses (which are currently cost-prohibitive). Again, I can't thank everyone enough for their enthusiastic and generous responses."

I would really like to do as much as we can to help with this project. It’s a real opportunity to emphasize the “conservation” side of the hobby which is often spoken about but rarely practiced. To that end, I’m willing to auction off some Mint terribilis and P. aurotaenia froglets to anyone interested, with all proceeds (minus shipping if necessary) going to the project.

Are there others that are willing to do the same?

Together we can do our part to help gather data that may help preserve this incredible species for generations to come.


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