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Ontario Reptile Expo - Kitchener ON - April 22nd
DFI will be vending at the Ontario Reptile Expo taking place April 22nd, 2012 at Bingeman's Park in Kitchener, ON. We will be bringing a wide selection of quality, captive-bred dart frogs as well as supplies, plants and feeder insects.

Some of the frogs we're getting ready to pull for the show include:
  • Dendrobates tinctorius (Alanis, azureus, Oyapok, Powder Blue)
  • Dendrobates leucomelas
  • Dendrobates auratus (Campana)
  • Epipedobates tricolour (Santa Isabel)
  • Ranitomeya imitator (Chazuta, Varadero)
  • Ranitomeya variabilis (Highland)
  • Ranitomeya sirensis (Green)
As far as plants go, we will have a huge selection of bromeliads as well as a nice collection of climbers and some rarer columneas.

In the supplies department, we'll have lots of great products to get you started with your next build including all natural Jungle Junk, cork tubes, ABG Mix, sphagnum moss, clay substrate, Hydroton, film canisters, leaf litter and culturing supplies. We'll have a nice selection of feeder insects including fruit flies (melongaster and hydei), springtails (white, blue, pink, silver) and tropical white isopods.

Please stop by our table and introduce yourself! We'd love to chat with you.


DFI vendront à l'Expo de l'Ontario Reptile qui se déroule Avril 22nd 2012, au Parc Bingeman à Kitchener, ON. Nous apporterons un grand choix de grenouilles élevées en captivité ainsi que les produits de terrarium, des plantes et des insectes.

Voici les grenouilles que nous apportera à l'expo:
  • Dendrobates tinctorius (Alanis, azureus, Oyapok, Powder Blue)
  • Dendrobates leucomelas
  • Dendrobates auratus (Campana)
  • Tricolore Epipedobates (Santa Isabel)
  • Ranitomeya imitateur (Chazuta, Varadero)
  • Ranitomeya variabilis (Highland)
  • Ranitomeya sirensis (vert)
Dans le département des produits de terrarium, nous aurons beaucoup de produits pour vous aider à démarrer votre prochaine construction, y compris "Jungle Junk", tubes en liège, Mix ABG, la mousse de sphaigne, un substrat d'argile, Hydroton, boîtes de film, des feuilles et des produit pour elever les mouche. Nous aurons une grosse selection d'insectes, y compris d'alimentation mouches des fruits (melongaster et hydei), collemboles (blanc, bleu, rose, argent) et tropicales isopodes blancs.

[Image: 6901972544_4f6cbcf5d7_b.jpg]

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