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Recommended Viv plants - Where can I get these ?

Well, I was recommended to use this plant list by


---Fittonia - A nice low grower that loves low light. Also comes in a pink and green and white and green color.

---Small growing Begonia such as Begonia luzonensis, raja, buttercup or prizmatocarpa.

---Peperomias of all kinds. There are some that grow low or some upright. These are excellent plants for the Terrarium

---Ficus primula - Will quickly cover the back portion of the terrarium.

---Neoregelia Bromeliad which is a must for many pumilio Dart frogs to reproduce

---Many Gesneriads such as Goldfish Plants (Nematanthus and Columneas) and Lipstick plants (Aeschynanthus) These are epiphytes and will ramble around the vivarium.

---Episcias are also a good choice for color but can grow very quickly

---Selaginellas do very well in a terrarium and will stay compact and low if given good light. Make sure to pick a species such as kraussiana.

---Ferns such as Nephrolepis Suzi Wong does very well in the terrarium

---Cissus amazonica is a good creeper and grows well in many light conditions

The only thing about getting them from Lowes is they are usually loaded with chemicals.

I would highly recomend not getting plants from lowes. Harry takes really good care of his plants and will help you every step of the way. You cannot get that kind of service from lowes.

I would not purchase all of those plants for your viv. Remember that the plants grow in so it may look barren at first it will grow in. I will make a few recommendations from his list. that i have experience with.

Peperomias These grow great. The will spread all over. When you get it it will be small with maybe 3-4 leaf nodes but will grow quickly. They are easy to propogate as well. I would just snip the vine where i wanted more to grow. I have 3 different kinds in my tank.

Ficus primula This is "the standard" background plant. Hearty and a voracious grower.

Neoregelia Bromeliad A good small brom that come in all sorts of colors. Note that you should position this plant towards the top of the viv where it gets the most light. If given high light these can come in gorgeous colors. I have 6 in my tank. My favorit is a deep red wine color. The flowers that emerge are very pretty, sort of alien looking.

Selaginellas These grow great in the right light. I had to move mine around until i found a good spot for them. I found under my lighting conditions they liked to grow from under other plants. This plant resembles moss but is a fern. Very delicate leaves.

Ferns such as Nephrolepis Suzi Wong Do a google search for this plant. Some peolpe like it some dont. I shyed away from it myself in favor of other plants.

Small growing Begonia These are great and put out gorgeous leaves. Just make sure you find a small one. Some of these grow HUGE in the wild. So pick according to your tank size.

Hope this helps.


Helps alot....Yeah Ill order mine online..what are some other plant vendors tho? Harry doesnt have all of them and the ones he does only cuttings

yeah, but those cuttings grow fast! Ace King from this board also sells many of these plants for vivs.

Okay anyone else know a big online plant vendor?

Should be a bunch in the frog link list i posted.

Most if not all vendors are going to sell you clippings, thats how it works usually. I think i also pointed you to three vendors in another post.

And yes those clippings grow fast.

How do you plant cuttings ?

All depends on the type of plant. If its a vining plant i use a satay stick to kind of hold it in place for a few weeks while the roots take hold. Once the roots are attached i remove the satay stick. I have heard some people using hot glue or silicone but i have not tried this method yet. You will probably also have natural curves, holes, or depressions that you can kind of lay/prop the plant in or use the satay method until the roots take hold. Most of the planst that work in a viv DO NOT have roots systems that you are used to. Look at the post explaining what epiphytic is to get an idea. Or better yet look up some sites that detail "the jungle", comes to mind. It is probably a bit scary at first but you have nothing to worry about. Soon you will be a pro and passing your experience to the newbs.

This is a good Viv-plant thread.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

Nate1247 Wrote:How do you plant cuttings ?

I know I'm replying to a seven year old question, but fwiw, the easiest way to find out how to take cuttings (or otherwise clone) most any plant is to google "species name propagation" -- you'll usually get a wealth of appropriate step-by-step guides.

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