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Leuc shedding - pics
Ive heard a lot of people talk about how they have seen their frogs shed and eat their skin. Today was the first time I actually saw it and was able to take two pics of it Smile

[Image: IMGP0559.jpg]
[Image: IMGP0560.jpg]
i didnt realize frogs shed at all...?
yep...shedding gets mistaken for a lot of bad things due to the discomfort and gaping, ect.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I can see why people freak out when they see it. It looked like it was struggling for a little bit but then just went right back to eating ffs a min after taking the photos.
I found this video of a leuc shedding today on youtube. This is not my video but thought it would be cool to post for all to see.

Well this is new to me! thanks for sharing RC!

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