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Phyllobates vittatus for sale
Sellers Name and location - Tony / Hamburg, PA
Species - Phyllobates vittatus
Line/Origin - Frogs-N-Things
Age - 4+Months OOW
Quantity and sex - 0.0.15+
Price - $35
Group Prices - sure, send me a PM with Qty/offer
Preferred Payment Method - cash
Shipping Rates & information - looking to sell locally
Pictures –
[Image: IMG_0707.jpg]

Check out an earlier post for more pics…

I have many froglets and tads;
15 that are about 4 months OOW
13 that are 3 months OOW
Bunch of tads

Will drive to meet at the Hamburg show or a local meeting (Harrisburg/Philly/NJ)

Thanks for looking,
Bumping for the Hamburg show, 9+ left out of the first lot
Will deliver to the Hamburg Show at any time.

Out of curiousity, have you sold all of the vittatus?
Benjamin Stahle
Harrisburg Pa
G/BL Auratus, G/BR Auratus, Vittatus, Leucomelas, Azureus, Matecho, Powder Blue, WTF 2.1.1, And last but certaintly not least Bufo Americanus
I sold a few

Still have many many many more, some nice size ones

Still have:
- 20 Sub-adult
- 20 Juvenile

Would meet anyone within an hour or so from Hamburg or at the Hamburg show if interested.

[Image: IMG_0969.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0982.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0966.jpg]

Thanks for looking,
I am very interested in purchasing a few vittatus from you. I currently have one and would like some company for him. I have cash in hand and am located in lancaster. Please reply and let me know if you still have any available
Hi Tim

I still have a few, they are grown and breeding. Ill PM you


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