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Hi from Louisiana
I've been lurking here for a while and then I registered but haven't really posted much. I thought I'd already posted an introduction, but I must forgotten to. I'm Zach and am a student at LSU, majoring in Conservation Biology.

I've been keeping frogs for a little over a year but have kept various other herps basically my whole life. Currently, I keep El Cope auratus, a pair of standard imitators, Almirante pumilio, Cristobal pumilio, a calling male Orange sirensis, and Hypsiboas punctatus.

Besides frogs, I also keep a ton of plants, including orchids. I've grown orchids for ~13 years. Most of my collection is made up of species, and I tend to go for plants with strange characteristics over flashy Phal and Catt. hybrids.

I'm glad to have found this place and hopefully I can continue to learn from everyone here!
Welcome Zach,

Even though I've only been to NO once (NOT Mardi gras), I really fell in love with the history of the City. If I wasn't moving to FL, LA would be another easy choice.

Enjoy yourself often !


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Hey Welcome

Yeah, me and the wife visited New Orleans last year and loved it. The city has lots of character and amazing food!
Scott - North Dallas
Hey Zach,

I'm from New Orleans moved to Los Angeles after college ( I graduated from SLU). You live in such a great place to get many free supplies, like oak and magnolia leaf litter, oak branches for the vivarium, and the humidity is already in the ideal range haha. Anyway enjoy the hobby, lots of great guys on the board!
Thanks everyone! I do really love where I live for all the reasons listed and then some. hkspowers, I live on the Northshore, so I'm not far from New Orleans or Southeastern (SLU). They actually have a few interesting herp labs there now. I'm looking at them as a potential school for my Master's program.

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