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Several extra frogs for sale or trade

I have some extra frogs that I am going to be parting with. I can ship and have had no problems with the heat so far the packages are weighing a bit more because of the huge cold packs I am using though. The frogs are as follows
0.0.2 juvenile "no dot" citronellas -$50 each
1.0 adult citronella one dot -$110
1.0 sub adult citronella -$75
0.0.1 regina sub adult (i believe it is female but can't guarantee) $225

Shipping is usually $30-$50 depending on weight and location. Prices are negotiable and I am interested in trades for 95% orange or yellow galacts, moonshine galacts, orange terribilis, adult tinc morphs that I do not have, adult female citronella, blue and bronze auratus, white galacts, and anything else of interest. I may be able to part with a pair of the regina for the right trade. I have pictures of all the animals and I can provide plenty of references of people here on the board who have bought from me. Email me at with any questions

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