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Do you use one ff culture at a time ?
Quick questions from a new guy.

Do you use one ff culture til they are gone or do you keep ?
Switching it up to give time for one ff culture to reproduce ?
I have two cobalt froglets how many ff cultures should I have at a time ?

I know it's better to have more than less
Your last statement is key..."Better to have more than less".

Ideally, you should always make at least 1, possibly 2 new cultures once a week and STICK to that day. That way, you should have a maximum chance of always have a good supply of flies. Even if you only have one frog...getting in the habit of making a new cultures every Sunday (that's my particular day of the week for maintenance and new culture making, for instance).

No real need to "switch" except if you notice one culture having a lot more flies than would be alleviating the larger fly population and it wouldn't 'go bad' with fly waste and fighting ect.

Getting into a routine / habit of making a new culture once a week is one of the most important husbandry aspects that I highly recommend.

for 2 should always have 2 cultures on hand, minimum. One 'older' one and one 'newer one". 2 is fine, for 2 froglets.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
What I do is start new cultures every week, on the same day every week if at all possible. Once you get it going it works out so that you have cultures reproducing while you feed out of the mature ones. I only start new cultures with the ones that have just bloomed. This way you somewhat reduce the chance of introducing mites into your cultures. Plus, you'll get maximum production using newer cultures to seed from, as opposed to cultures two weeks old. With only two cobalt froglets you really probably don't need more than two, maybe three cultures at most. That's really the minimum number anyway as it's always better to make one extra in case one crashes or doesn't reproduce for some reason. I hope this helps you.

Edit: Great minds think alike!

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