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Our first eggs!
My son and I purchased our first pair of dart frogs 6 weeks ago. They are a beautiful pair of 12 month old "Patricia's". We were excited to find our very first clutch of seven eggs two nights ago and they look good. At least for our first batch, we are planning on leaving them in the viv for the parents to raise to give us more time to educate ourselves. Any help or advice would be appreciated! Smile[ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND][ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND]
Make sure the enclosure doesn't get too dry.

1. Full glass lid
2. Extra spraying with 'regular' water - no need for RO or DI
3. A Coco hut placed over top of the eggs will help hold humidity - moistened cocohuts are good for this.

Be careful of that 'craft store' lichen...sometimes it contains chemicals and preservatives.

VERY exciting huh ?

Good luck and keep us posted !

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I've never worked with tincs, but won't the parents need some sort of water feature in order for the tads to be raised in viv? Dendrobates don't exhibit the parental care that some Ranitomeya and Oophaga do. They'll transport the tads, and then they must obtain their food on their own, I believe.
Yes. You are right. When we purchased our tincs, the breeder also had vivs already set up with a false bottom, moss, plants, and a small rocky area on the one side that has a regular supply of a small shallow pond. The parents hop down into the water and hop around the rocks regularly...plenty of water for the tads and they should have a very easy time coming out of the water when they are ready. The couple we bought ours from said they have been using this set up for a long time and it has worked for them and so far we love it!
Here are our eggs as of this's amazing how much they change in just a few hours!
yep...they change so much in such a short period of time.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Very nice! Do you have an FTS to show the pond area along with the rest of the tank deisgn?
Here is our setup - the water is all under the false bottom and the pond area is rocky and on the left...and our tads got little tails today and started wiggling! Big Grin
Ok...we have six tads in eggs with the parents...all look good and have not hatched yet...the female went into the hut today and laid 5 more right next to the others...Is this typical? I thought if the eggs were left with the parents, it would delay her from laying more. Any advice? Thanks

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