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Outside the viv -concealing GS ect
What has everyone done to the outside of your viv, to hide the GS foam or silicone ?
"Black contact paper"

available at possibly craft stores....for lining shelves.

Cut to fit and then peel off / stick to outside and re-stick if ness. Best way to hide. No paint, no muss, easy to take off.

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I use black window film. It is available at most home improvement stores. It is fairly easy to apply, can be used multiple times, and simply clings to the glass without adhesives. The down side is that it is a little pricey.
I do two different methods to help conseal GS.

1) Silicone the glass on the inside using a black or brown silicone to hide and design work you used to create your background. This includes; wood, GS, eggcrate, cork bark, or tree fern panel.

2) I use a 4" roller and roll on black paint across the outside glass to give you an even coating of paint across the glass. Just tape of any area you do not want paint and peel of the tape when your done for a nice even paint cover over your glass.
Black contact paper is definitely the way to go. Hard to find in stores, but you can order big rolls on amazon for like $20, enough for lots of vivs.
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Some frogs...
Here is a store in NJ that sells it Smile ... reId=10051
I used both black contact paper and spray paint on the outsides of my tanks/vivs. Black contact paper is the easiest, safest and easiest to remove if needed. Not to mention easier to do design work if you wanted.

[Image: _MG_6544.jpg]

[Image: _MG_6768.jpg]

I order mine off amazon.
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