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A few pictures of my collection
I have a rather small collection and not really a "frog room" per se, but I enjoy them none the less. These spend most of the year in my apartment, but make the trip home for Christmas and Summer vacations. The process of moving all of these plus the plant tanks is quite stressful, but I've gotten used to it by now.

O. pumilio 'Cristobal'

[Image: 6951736612_461a8e7b25.jpg]
IMAG0206 by goods82, on Flickr/url]

O. pumilio 'Almirante'

[Image: 7161765282_61443bf0a5.jpg]
IMAG0111 by goods82, on Flickr

D. auratus 'El Cope'

[Image: 7161764442_d06f0be594.jpg]
IMG_0541 by goods82, on Flickr

R. sirensis (lamasi) 'Orange'

[Image: 7161764958_cfeafb975b.jpg]
IMAG0012 by goods82, on Flickr

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