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Greeting everyone
Longtime lurker, probably in the neighborhood of 5 or 6 months, I finally decided I should introduce myself to you guys. Well a little bit about myself: I'm John and from the bay area in California. Currently going to school for my B.S. in molecular biology... and actually graduating in 18 days!

I have previous experience keeping bearded dragons (about 4 years ago is when I last had one). Right now I have 2 dwarf hamsters and just recently acquired 6 P.vittatus as my first darts. I am pretty excited about having them and looking forward to even getting more one day.

I think that is all for right now. Cheers.
Hello John, welcome to Dart Den and Dart Frog keeping. As you'll soon discover it's an addicting hobby. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, always good to have an educated mind on board.
P. vittatus are an excellent frog!! One that is probably a little under rated in the hobby. Great coloration and call, nearly the perfect frog. If you have any questions about them or any other issue feel free to ask for help, don't be shy.
Good luck John, I'm sure we'll see you around often, now that you're not lurking anymore. :mrgreen:
Thank you, and I can already tell this hobby is addicting!
I agree, P.vittatus are amazing with their coloration... those chrome bands going down their sides are stunning! They are just froglets right now so I have not had the opportunity to hear their call yet, but searching on youtube for it, their call is very pleasing.

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