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Does cesing to pull froglets/eggs stop or slow breeding?
I know I've read before that some people stop pulling froglets to stop frogs from breeding. Does this work? I have been unable to move 2 imitator froglets, and had 2 more come out of the brom this past week. I am unable to find and cull eggs since the tank is so well planted Confusedhock:

My azureus pair produced a lot of eggs, and I have 8 tadpoles that are almost ready to come OOW, but I stopped pulling eggs after the first few batches I'd pulled to watch develop. I have seen the male transport a few tads, and there are 2 in the water of the viv right now.

My leucs laid their first egg in the past day or so. I am now afraid of being swamped by froglets that I have no room for, and I haven't had luck selling off the imitators as of yet. So- My question is, will they stop breeding after a while if I just leave them alone? I've tried to make it dryer in their tanks, but it hasn't seemed to help much.
It seem when I've quit pulling eggs, the breeders slow down. Dart Frogs need to build up their metabolic reserves in order to spawn. Try cutting back on feedings. Maybe only feed the adults every other day or so. That should help somewhat.
I will give that a try. I guess I'm not really swamped or anything at this point, but if I'm unable to move the offspring I currently have I'll be in trouble. I considered just putting the froglets back in with the parents, but the 2 oldest Imi froglets appear to be female, so the last thing I'd need is even more offspring being produced.
Thank you for your response!

Edit to add- sorry for spelling errors in title- I was rushing when I typed this!
I usually slow down my frogs breeding by feeding less and stop misting.

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No, it does not slow or stop breeding , as long as there are no aggression issues.
I had a pair of imis in a 20 before I moved back to Chicago. When I moved them I counted 12 produced in the 12 month period I had stopped pulling eggs or froglets.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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