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Are native fruit flies ok and what to do about this
I bought a house plant from home depot and I noticed some ff on it when I got home, this was 2 weeks ago and they have now multiplyed huge, the big viv that I tore down due to frog death has become takin over, and all the house plants in my house, I've been spraying pesticide on plant bases and the viv since its all trash, I noticed today that they got into my spring culture and there were maggots in the substrate and about 10 flies, also in my other viv in an enclosed room they found there way in there and must be producing in it. Is this easy food for viv, should I leave em? Also spring culture, is that trash now? It is thriving big time! And was going to insect bomb the house for these gnats, any suggestions on getting rid of them?
Are they fruit flies or fungus gnats?
I don't know, they don't seem to care for fruit like they do the soil of my plants, I have vinegar traps set, I get a few but they love the soil, so my guess then is fungus gnats. What should I do?
Yeah those sound like fungus gnats. I get them around my houseplants if I water them to much. I believe they are attracted to the mold that grows on the wet substrate. I don't consider them a problem, just extra protein. You can try drying your substrate out, misting or fogging less frequently, they'll go away.

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