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Emmersed Aquarium / 'Rimless' Build + Plants
I have always wanted to build one of those fancy all glass tanks so I finally did.

The tank is 24"x10"x10" which is roughly 10.4 gallons.

[Image: icfdM.jpg]

Designing the Scape:

[Image: M2Pnj.jpg]

Added the Plants:

[Image: 7sbFN.jpg]

The Final shot (2 days old):

[Image: SIclO.jpg]

You could easily keep a frog in this setup, though that is not my intention with this tank.

Other Info:
Misting > 2x daily with distilled water
Lighting > Single t5
Substrate > Aquasoil/Amazonia/Powersand mix
Decor > Manzanita and Lace Rock
Plants > The tank is 90% aquatic plants and 10% tropical plants

Plant List: Hemianthus Callitrichoides, Utricularia graminifolia, Fissidens fontanus, Brachythesium sp.(moss), Taxiphyllum sp.(moss), Staurogyne repens, Cryptocoryne parva, Cryptocoryne wendtii (green and bronze), Cryptocoryne walkeri lutea, Anubias congensis, Anubias nana, Ficus pumila var. 'quercifolia', Hygrophilia sp. 'Low Grow', Hygrophilia polysperma, Lobelia cardinalis, and an unknown fern/moss that might be a Selaginella sp.


***Special thanks to Loren S. and Joachim G. for helping get this setup, both with the plants/substrate and the inspiration for the scape***
That is nice. It looks a lot larger than 10.4 gallons. I've been researching to build one myself. I will probably do a medium sized all glass, and a huge plywood with glass viewing panel. But your tank looks very clean. Good job!

Very cool Ento!

where did you get the precut glass?

i was thinking about building myself a few cube tanks for my catfish but the problem is that the ppl at lowes/home depot cant cut glass to save their lifes they do horrible cuts.

0.0.2 ‘Turquoise and Bronze’ D. Auratus (Michael Shrom line)
Updated Growth:
[Image: RCOLy.jpg]
Thanks for your comments, I haven't updated this in forever! It was quite lush before I took it down and transferred the plants to another aquarium. This was the first all glass tank I constructed, but I have built more since. I do enjoy constructing habitats, but only as a hobby Smile

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