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Plants and Supplies for pumilio Research
Phil, I hope this is ok. Let me know of it's not, and I'll take it down. From now until the deadline for donating, all proceeds from the plants and supplies I sell will go to Justin's pumilio project.

I've been lucky enough to meet and talk to Justin. I have to say, he's a very knowledgeable person and deserving of all the help we as a hobby can provide.

I still have most of what is advertised in this ad:

All the leaf litter is $6 plus shipping in order to provide a concrete amount for the donations.

I'm out of rooted pieces of the Pilea glauca and the Hoyas, but I can send unrooted bunches of the Pilea and 4-6" cuttings of either Hoya for the same price.

One thing I ask...if you purchase anything from this ad, please post your purchase as a reply, just to keep things honest.

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