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Low Humidity Plant list ?
Looking for some low humidity tropical plants for a Wabi Kusa setup. This is a non-frog related project.

Example of a Wabi Kusa:
[Image: wabikusa_nata_boa-d182d180d0b511.jpg?w=600]
subscribed...LOVE this stuff....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yeah, Wabi Kusa setups ate simple and stunning. They make great desktop pieces.

Does anyone have any suggestions on plants that would tolerate lower humidity?

I read you can acclimate many plants to grow in this setup, but I figure I might add well five myself the edge work Hardy plants.
Here is the beginning:

[Image: NQ2gY.jpg]

[Image: Q2YUT.jpg]

[Image: 8DPPE.jpg]
Very nice! I'm afraid I don't have any plant suggestions, but I was wondering if you could elaborate on how you did your substrate - rock structure? It kind of looks like a fairly porous rock, perhaps with some substrate pockets for planting, but I'm guessing it's more involved than that...
Actually its not Smile Its just a piece of lace rock that had a nice cave in it. Lace rock normally is full of caves...

The plants roots are wrapped an moss and jammed into the cave. Its similar to hydroponics I guess.

Some people will wrap the roots in claw, burlap and then moss, but I find it unnecessary.
Nice! Thanks!

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