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Shy Intro...
Hi all! My name is Garrick and I'm from Atlanta IL. Ive been on the boards for awhile and have been keeping frogs for several years now. I don't post much and i'm rather shy but I plan on trying to change that! I attended frog day 2012 and did meet several people but was to shy to really talk to a whole lot of people. So after reading all the posts about frog day and how much fun it was I figured at 31 years old its time to s--t and get off the pot so to speak. And if Im going to sell any frogs people should know who I am. So ill start with a little about me.

Like I said i'm 31 and have 3 kids. I live in a small town called Atlanta in the middle of corn fields in central Illinois. I work as an appliance technician and have been keeping frogs for several years now. Im your typical red neck that Hunts,fishes and likes big trucks and fast cars. I'm currently working on a 47 chevy stylemaster right now.
I keep 5 species of darts at the moment. Mostly Imitators and auratus. My nominal imitators are breeding like crazy and I currently have 12+ froglets. Also my auratus have started breeding and i am up to 10 froglets with them. I enjoy keeping darts and have learned a lot from these boards and hope to continue to do so.
So for now on I'm going to try posting more and giving back whatever I can and the next event I attend I will try to be more willing to approach people. Thanks to anyone taking the time to read this. Garrick Hutchison
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Garrick H.
Hi Garrick and welcome to Dart Den !

Great intro and you're right, Frog Day was a lot of fun. The more you post and share...the more friends and contacts you will have. I liken it to Kindergarten.

oh...btw...Bosco looks smug. Terriers are a fav of mine.


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Hello Gerrick welcome aboard!

that green Ranito looks amazing and your puppy is very cool! I wish i would had made it to the Frog day but work right now is getting the best of me (those Germans lol)

keep us posted with your frogs and im looking forward to more pictures!

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