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getting frogs from importers
just asking on peoples opinion on this. with the pumilios that came in what does everyone think would of been better. getting frogs as soon as they came in or waiting a bit to let them settle in a bit. i know that are stressed out when they first get there but when they are settled in they have a better chance of getting sick from other frogs.
hope you understand what i am trying to say here.
I know exactly what you mean Walt.

1. Interested parties should quickly buy their large lots from the Importers, just like this last go-round'. The longer they sit around the import warehouse, the more sick, diseased, stressed ect...they get. Get them as quick as possible in one big lot, if possible.

2. The "settling" part.... THAT'S the job of the secondary person - the jobber, re-seller ect. THAT is when quarantine and possible treatment(s) come into play.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
i know this has been mentioned before but i was just wondering what one treats the frogs for or do you do a swab first and go from there. also where do you get the meds. its not like you go to your local petco and get it. dont you have to get the stuff prescribed for the animal. just asking/wondering.
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I would never treat prophylacticlly.

I would not buy a 'medicince kit' or any other treatments that would just sit around in my frog room and expire / go bad with age. I would obtain fresh meds on an 'as needed' basis.

Most Vet's require an office visit and sometimes need to see the animal in question before ordering and prescribing any medication. I can see why new hobbyists will balk at the prospect of $120.00 for a chance at applying meds to a newly purchased auratus. Ordering meds online (even eBay) is possible. I personally, would never go to anygiven random 'exotic' animal vet near me in the phone book.

When you say 'swab', what are you looking for /testing for ? your age....this isn't your 'first rodeo' is it ?????

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I treat all amphibians entering my collection for chytrid. There are some large institutions who choose to wait and test and now can not get it out of their collections. I would say it is becoming a norm.

I order when I can to ensure I get what I am seeking. I have waited and ordered right away and it just depends on the shipment. I don't think it really matters, I am just lucky enough to have a few people to give me heads-up and cherry pick.
Later and Happy Frogging,
Jason Juchems
Personally I don't think I will ever buy WC animals because I don't have the expertise in treating sick animals and would rather not go through that nightmare.

That being said...

How much markup are we talking about for wc vs cb?

I heard that salt creeks use to go for $450 a frog and I know they were much cheaper with the recent import.

The way I see it is now that they have flooded the market why not just wait till one of the more successful froggers has bred them and treated them?

Of course if we are talking about a frog that goes for 200+ going for <40 than I might be tempted ... but even then would probably wait for the F1s.


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