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red frog beach pumilio relocation???
I am not sure if this is something that has previously been publicly conversed or maybe just something of really not great importance....

but if anyone who has knowledge over this issue and wouldn't mind shedding some light over it, please do so as it was something that has had my attention for quite sometime.

After past attempts towards acquring to commercially build/tear up and start a type of golf resort of a kind on red frog beach.... when made aware of potential ecosystem threat by doing so, many of the native red frogs were caught,removed then relocated in thoughts to ensure they would be out of harms way.

where exactly did these frogs get relocated to?

speaking to a friend who was in bocas last year, he mention there being some frogs literally on the beach in a very nearby peninsula (from basti) and these frogs were blue but with the white undersides...??? could rfb been dumped onto another locale of a total different morph or can they be nat/occurring frogs?
I have heard for years...they have be developing that specific area at a much quicker rate than other Panamanian locations. That said, I think that studies have shown that there is a high degree of survivability for pumilio on Urban periphery.

I'd be much more concerned with environmental waste / pollution.

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