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Springtails, Isopods, etc. for sale near Chicago
I have the following for sale near Chicago and will ship through USPS which is generally $6-15 for 2-3 day. Please contact

Temperate White Springtails- $5/16oz. $9/25oz.
Tropical White Springtails- $7/16oz. $13/25oz.
Tropical Pink Springtails- $7/16oz. $13/25oz.
Temperate Blue Springtails(Podura sp.)- $8/16oz. $15/25oz.
Giant Black Springtails(Tomoscerus sp.)- $8/16oz. $15/25oz.
Silver Springtails- $8/16oz. $15/25oz.
Dwarf Grey Isopods- $8/16oz. $15/25oz.
Giant Orange Isopods- available soon
Jungle Micropods- available soon
PM sent...

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