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What different Feeder Insects are everyone using ?

i wanted to make post about what everyone is feeding.
I am currently culturing.
D. Buzzati
D. Melonogaster "flightless wingless"
D. Melongaster "glider"
D. Hydei
D. Hydei "yellow"

Rice Flour Beetles
Micro mealworms

Springtails temperate and tropical

I am feeding all the various insects that invade a frogroom
mites, spiders, fungus gnats,

What am i missing and what are you doing?

I'm culturing

Melonogaster flightless w/wings
Temperate springtails

And also feed pin head to 1/8 inch crickets

i do:

melano wingless
turkish gliders

temperate springtails

and am trying with varying success:
tropical springtails

and order the occasional treat of pinheads, but don't culture them.

I'm growing melano flightles, hydei flightless, temperant and trop. springtails and something in the the bottom of the left side of my fridge that resembles a really bad B sci-fi flick. Big Grin


oh just feeders, sorry.

Anyway. It seems the trops do produce much slower than the temperants. anyone have any luck speeding them up?

I just got mine, and have had some good production out of them. One culture is definetly outproducing the other. Tropical springtails that is.

Mack, how are you producing termites, or are you purchasing or hunting? So you are fearless that your home is totally safe, as far as i know as long you dont have any bad wood your alright, but how would you know.

So insects that are fed but not cultured generally are.
Termites. ive never fed them but always wanted to.
Crickets. i have fed on several occasions, but seem like the quality of my local provider has went down so i dont purchase anymore.

hey jace,

i am pretty sure my termites are kaput. i ordered them from randy, but kept checking the moisture through the clear lid on their container. there was condensation, so i figured that they were still pretty moist. then i pulled things out to look more closely and realized that the condensation on top was there, but the media was pretty dry. i added water and decided to wait and see rather than tearing up the culture to check, but i haven't seen termites for a while. as for escapees, the termite situation in new orleans is so severe that i just assume a few in my kitchen don't matter much. they swarm each year here, and are so thick that if you walk outside you get covered. everyone closes all windows and doors and turns off the lights when they swarm..., i, on the other hand, stood out by my porchlight and collected feasts for my babies much to the dismay of my neighbors. for those less brazen than myself culture them in a plastic tub inside of a larger tub which is partially filled with water so that escapees drown in the moat.

also i saw in 'jewels of the rainforest' that some people use leafhoppers...i want to try to culture them because they are so beautiful, so if anyone knows anything please let us know.

I'm feeding:
D. Melonogaster "wingless"
D. Melonogaster "flightless"
D. Melongaster "glider" (I hate them, but prolific!)
D. Hydei "normal"
D. Hydei "yellow"
Musca domestica
lesser waxworms
pinhead to 1/2 crix
Field sweepings

I'd love to try to culture termites..... but they scare me. I caught a bunch in traps and rotting wood last year but that can be a pain.


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