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So I Need Some Extra Help
So I'm new to this forum. I decided to join since every time i searched about dart frogs this forum would show up! I've been keeping planted aquarium for quite a while. Multiple factors have made me choose against re-starting my 30 gallon aquarium, but then I found dart frogs. So I've been researching, and searching these forums, for information. I have a rough idea and just wanted all of your input so I can get this started out on the right foot.

So first off the aquarium. It is 30.25" wide 12.5" deep and 19.5" tall. It has a basic hood, which I cut about 2 inches out of the back and covered with screen for ventilation.

For the false bottom I was going to put down egg crate at the bottom. Then on top of the egg crate goes Hydroton. On top of each layer would be fiberglass window screen to keep them separate.

For The substrate I plan on using ABG, I'm not sure on the depth but I'm guessing 2" ? On top of that comes the leaf litter, I remember reading oak leaves are good for this? Sadly I can't find the site I saw the list of leaves on, so I need your help with that. For the back wall I'm going to put cork tile. I want to plant things on the back wall, how would I go about that?

I have a light fixture in a 65watt florescent tube, I'm guessing this is plenty of light for the vivarium? Im also planning on installing a fan to circulate air inside the vivarium.

I'm planning on keeping three Dendrobates leucomelas in this vivarium, or is this too many? If I'm over looking anything please help, this is a whole lot different than underwater Confusedhock:

Oh on a side-note I saw these and was instantly intrigued. Has anyone had any experience with these?
http://www.blackjungleterrariumsupply.c ... _1965.html
ok..that appears to be a @ 30 'gallon' size tank ?

check some threads in the enclosure subforum here on "hardscaping" and "backgrounds".

3 leucs are good as well - @ 10 gallons per frogs. Good starter species as well. One of my first frogs and still a fav.

Your lightng seems fine.

Most people use either eggcrate or leca for a false bottom...not both.

You need a glass top to cover the screen...again...check the forums here for 'tops" or "glass tops".

Glow in the dark 'shrooms.....heh....yeah..I saw them offered. Mushrooms are.....funny......some grow on wood when ya want em to, but must just come and go as they please. Hard to cultivate.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
...and as for the leaves, some of the more popular choices are: oak, magnolia, & seagrape. I myself prefer a combination of the 3. for planting on the background: some plants can actually be secured to the background by toothpick, zipties, ect. and other will require either net pots to be incorporated into the build or by creating a planting are that will hold soil during thee hardscaping.
So in your opinion which is better/easier for the false bottom? For the back I've decided on foam and cork tile.

As for temperature and humidity and heat control.. How do I go about that? For heat I'm assuming a fan and ventilation would cool the vivarium and closing it up and stopping the fan would in turn heat it up. As for humidity, is that where misting comes into play? or a fogger? or a combination of both? And do I need something like this?

http://www.blackjungleterrariumsupply.c ... _1472.html
Eggcrate false bottom would be eaiser for large builds like @ 55 gallon size enclosures. Leca is easy for smaller sizes like yours - 30 gallon. It's a toss up - whatever you feel more comfortable with and whatever supply is closer or cheaper. There is no 'right or wrong' with either.

Temps - use basic 'house' temps are your goal - 65-75 F

'hand misting' is fine. No need for automation with a single tank. Read up on the threads here:


and here:


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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