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Do fruit flies jump ?
Do fruit flies jump ?

I got some from Petco and they say flightless, not wingless. Is there a difference ?
They still jump and crawl around. Just can't fly.
1.0.6 D. Leucomelas
0.0.2 D. Azureus
And to add to that, wingless are a truly wingless fly. Flightless are a fly with a partial wing and sometimes a full wing that still can't fly.
that would explain the big jumps they seem to make.
i got a culture from josh's frogs and they just seem to crawl for the most part.
also does adding yeast to a culture increase fly production
sems too in my case
It sounds to me like you might have some turkish gliders. They're like mexican jumping beans and can glide. lol

Do you mean adding yeast to the mix or the surface after making a culture?

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