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Collection for sale in Oregon
All pairs well proven and have been in our care for years. We are moving and all must go by 7-16-12 as this will be our last week in the US and for shipping. Would prefer a local pickup and can make any buyer a better deal on larger group purchases.

We will have supplies up for sale as well, email for details..tanks, wood, lights, racks, FF cultures and other odds and ends..

2.1 -Leucomelas (old green foot line) $220 2 pair available Sean Stewart .
2.1 -Orange lamasi Phil Tan $180. 3 pair available.
2.1 -Intermedius Phil Tan $180. 4 pairs available.
1.1 -Man creek $280. 04-SNDF 3 pair available.
1.1 -Almirante $280.Lr-08-SNDF
1.1 -Azureus $220 3 pair available.
1.3.2- Green back Trivittatus $400.04-SNDF.
1.1 -Gold Pumilio $350 SNDF.
1.1.1- Imitator-$ 180 Sean Stewart.
2.1 -Yurimaguensis $200 Phil Tan/ Jon Werner.
2.1-Vattatus $160. 4 groups avalable

6- Vietnamese mossy frog with 55g water feature show tank $400

Individuals listed below are proven adults.

2.0 orange lamasi $40.each Phil Tan.
3.0 -Green legged lamasi $40.each Phil Tan.
1.0- Orange/yellow galactonotus $100. Sean Stewart .
1.0 Azuriventrius $40. 2006 import Sean Stewart.
2.0 Aurotaenia narrow banded $ 40. each
3.0 Yurimaguensis $65. each Phil Tan / Jon Werner
4.0 intermedius Phil Tan $65. Phil Tan.
0.2 adult red eye tree frog $30. each
4.0 Vattatus $30 each

We ship via Fed Ex priority overnight to your nearest authorized location, all frogs shiped will have a live guarantee and must be picked up within an hour of there arrival for this.
If you have any further questions, please contact for a quote and further photos threw email.

PM's are not checked!


Gold Pumilio/ El Dorado
[Image: f76446c6.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4589.jpg]
Orange/yellow galactonotus
[Image: IMG_4256.jpg]
green back Trivittatus
[Image: IMG_6333.jpg]
adult red eye tree frog
[Image: IMG_7166.jpg]
[Image: J3072x2304-39480.jpg]
[Image: J3456x2304-38102.jpg]
Aurotaenia narrow banded
[Image: IMG_6229.jpg]
Green legged lamasi
[Image: IMG_9446.jpg]
orange lamasi
[Image: IMG_0023.jpg]
Man creek
[Image: IMG_8639.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0053.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6153.jpg]
[Image: IMG_8262.jpg]
[Image: a59f2eb6.jpg]
[Image: IMG_6410.jpg]
[Image: IMG_4638.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0187.jpg]
Vietnamese mossy frog
[Image: IMG_3740.jpg]
[Image: 31b02c79.jpg]
Are you selling the plants in the tanks too? I may be interested in some cuttings of less common viv plants if you have a list. Also, I didn't see your email address posted.
Contact info has been updated in my signature, thank you for bringing this to my attention. We can sell you some things, email for further info.


6 Vietnamese mossy frog
4.0 intermedius
All 4 trio's of intermedius
2.0 orange lamasi
2.1 -Orange lamasi
2.1 -Leucomelas
1.3.2- Green back Trivittatus
2 Man creek pair.
1 Azureus pair.
Gold Pumilio pair.
2 Vattatus groups.

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