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P. terribilis egg development - PICS
So, many have seen these shots elsewhere but being new here I want to pass them around more.

This is a series of daily shots of a terribilis clutch...enjoy!

[Image: Day+1_2_.jpg]
[Image: Day+2.jpg]
[Image: Day+3.jpg]
[Image: Day+4.jpg]
[Image: Day+5.jpg]
[Image: Day+6.jpg]
[Image: Day+7.jpg]
[Image: Day+8.jpg]
[Image: Day+9.jpg]
[Image: Day+10.jpg]
[Image: Hatched.jpg]
Great pics! Do you have a time line in days? any info on temps etc. Age of parents and line if known? fertilization rate? Would be great to capture this type of info for collective documentation

Scott - North Dallas
Each picture was a day apart, but not taken at the same time of day. They took 10 days to hatch which is about average for this pair.

The temp in my tanks normally stays between 73 and 75, but I have no specific temps from this clutch.

The age of the parents is unknown, I obtained them from Sean Stewart in April of 2011 and at the time he estimated them at around 3 years, this clutch was 6-8 months after I got them. The adults are SNDF line oranges.

Fertilization rate changes dramatically for this pair, all 14 of this clutch hatched and when it was laid they had a nearly 100% fertilization rate. I dried them out a little and cut back food to give a breeding break shortly after these shots. They have been breeding again for about 2 months and only fertilize 20% or so at this time. The first few clutches they gave me were all bad, then they gradually got better...they seem quite cyclical.

Here is a pic of daddy (transporting from a hidden clutch):
[Image: 60th+024.jpg]

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