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Selling Entire Collection of Dart Frogs

Due to a job offer, I will be moving from the east coast to the west coast soon and I will have to part with most of my frogs as well as alot of supplies as well. Here is a list of frogs I will be selling

1.1 Proven Giant Orange (these are what Sean Stewart calls giant orange and from that bloodline, but what everyone else calls regina, so it's your call to what they are and these just recently dropped a clutch) $500

1.1 Giant Orange (siblings to ones listed above, 99% sure it is a pair but haven't gotten eggs yet) $400

1.1 Regina adults- $500

0.0.3 regina sub adults- $500 for the trio

0.0.4 giant orange juveniles $100

2.1 adult proven citronellas (1 male is a no dot and the other two have very bright crisp patterns with one dot each) $350

1.0 sub adult citronella $75 very bright and crisp pattern

0.0.2 no dot citronella juveniles $50 each

2.2 proven azureus- $300 each pair

1.1 proven cobalts $225

1.1 proven blue auratus- $200

I can provide pictures of all these animals upon request. Prices are negotiable and I can definately discount more than one pair. I have alot of experience shipping and can use whatever method you prefer and I will split the cost with you.

I also have these supplies as well. These are local pick-up only and I would prefer to sell everything to one person but we can work out whatever.

2- 20 Gallon High Tanks Never Used
3- 20 Gallon High Tanks with started great stuff/ coco fiber backgrounds but never used
1- 10 gallon never used
5- 10 gallon tanks planted with tropical plants, cypress, ghostwood, and tropical moss and glass aquarium tops
pack of 2 unopened diamond whole saw bits
around 10 cypress knees of varying sizes and peaks
several pieces of cypress (large pieces that are nice for center pieces in vivs and creating structures other than backgrounds)
a couple sq feet of tropical moss
about 10 or so assorted plants, not planted yet

These items are kind of make me an offer on. I would sell the entire group of tanks and plants pretty cheap. Please email me at for any questions. Thanks and this pains me to do Sad


Could you post some pictures of your Azureus' please

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