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Dendrobates auratus - how many ?
Hi Everyone:

I have recently set up a 36L x 12 deep x 18 high tank. With the false bottom plus substrate and the foam background, I've probably lost about 4-5 inches in height and 2-3 inches in depth. I am looking at getting some auratus, but am wondering how many I can house in this tank. I would like to have a pair that may eventually breed and realize that if I only get two young frogs I'm taking my chances with the sex. Can I house 3 or 4 in there? I have read conflicting opinions on whether or not auratus do well in groups.

Also, the breeder I've been speaking to says the frogs he has are 10+ months old. At this age, would he be able to make a fairly good guess as to sex?

Hi Christine and Welcome to Dart Den.

That tank clocks out at @ 15 gallons - so the aquarium calculator says anyway. A good rule of thumb is one frog per 10 gallons. You can increase or decrease this approximation with either good, poor or no hardscaping. If you've used a lot of great stuff foam and have a large egg crate false bottom, then you have Decreased your frogs 'usable' living space and should plan accordingly.

That said, it seems you should be ok with 2 auratus. The 'can' possibly be considered a group frog, but I liked my ratios of 1.1 with the various different morphs and types of auratus that I've kept.

They are indeed tricky to sex. Some people get lucky and make a good guess but by and large, auratus under a year old are hard to sex unless you see (they are hard to hear as they have a low volume call) one call.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Ideally, it would be nice if you could get two males to one female IMO.

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