Poll: Do you need to see pictures before buying frogs ?
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26 66.67%
Sometimes (please elaborate below)
10 25.64%
3 7.69%
Total 39 vote(s) 100%
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Poll - Do you need to see pictures before buying frogs ?
I made this poll in reference to those who do not include pics in their for sale adds. I would imagine that almost all of us need to see pictures before we buy frogs over the interwebs, so why don't more posters include them in their "for sale" add? Even if you post them after the fact, IME I get much more interest in adds that have pictures. Not to mention, I don't have to field 30 emails requesting pics after the fact. No offense to the ones that don't, but I feel like it should be a "best practice."

Also, I think we all enjoy frog pics :mrgreen:

Heres how I look at it. If I were going to buy lets just say something standard like leucs from someone I know and trust to be a stand up frogger then I wouldnt need them because they are for the most part All the same to me. But if I were in the market for some el dorado I would absolutly want pics even from that same trusted frogger. There are quite a few different shades And types of eldorado. Just look at the two groups you have from phil for example.
As a buyer if you don't request pics, then you really have less room to complain when it comes to leaving feedback. Most sellers will accommodate you with photos if you ask. Especially if you are dealing with someone you don't know, or heaven forbid someone of questionable morals.
As a seller, yes, sometimes getting pics of frogs is a P.I.T.A., but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.
pics are nice. when one goes to reptile/herp show how do you buy frogs. you go to the seller and say give me a leuc. or do you say let me look at them before i choose. even though i usually don't buy as much i like to look.
I almost always request photos unless I'm buying a group of juveniles from someone I know well and have dealt with before.
If it is a rare frog or if I am looking for certain traits I will ask for pictures.

If I am getting a generic tinc or leuc I do not need pictures.
I must say that I am suprised that people buy frogs without pics. I can't say that I have ever bought any without seeing some pics first. Interesting to see people's approach to purchases...
It depends on the seller, more than anything else. If I've seen examples of their frogs, know them well, have done business with them before, etc.

For example: If I was looking for some tinc froglets, I'd send a PM to Bill Schwinn and ask him to send me some. I wouldn't need him to send me pics because his frogs are well represented in pictures all over the place and I know him to be a quality breeder.

The same would go for Rich Frye. Although I've never done business with him before, his frogs are also well represented and people who have purchased from him have (in my experience) always raved about the quality and health. I wouldn't require pictures from him.

eta: There are others. These guys were just the first to come to mind Big Grin
Do you know where your frogs have been?
Even If the Pope was selling dart frogs, I'd still need to see pics at the very least, sometimes even the animals themselves to better observe them.

just my .02....


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Philsuma Wrote:Even If the Pope was selling dart frogs, I'd still need to see pics at the very least

:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I agree with what seems to be the majority. Usually will want to see pic, but if it's a seller that I've purchased from in past with good results, and that I've come to know and trust, sometimes I will defer to them to pick out the frog or pair they would keep for themselves, or have them pick out a pair or a frog with the particular traits I want (e.g. say a male Salt Creek that is classic orange, and with no orange on its legs) or that sort of thing. If it is someone I am less familiar with, darn right I'll want photo before deciding to purchase. If any doubt, best to ask for a pic, I think.
How about now? We are seeing a rise in tadpole sells. It is a total gamble but mostly good. Is it still important to see pics?

And for the record, I support selling tads. If I buy tads, I control their diet, enviroment, etc. I know what I am getting and know the chances of loss
The only 2 "breeders" I know that are openly selling tadpoles are DFC and DF and I absolutely do not support this. Therefore nope, no pictures needed.

I prefer to pay the person who has raised the parents, then tads to frogs with care and attention, for their efforts.
There are several members here and dendroboard that sell tadpoles. They don't advertise it
There are numerous times when it is necessary to have tadpoles from another line to use as a control group, etc. Not everyone buys tadpoles because they are cheap. I have paid froglet price several times when needing tadpoles.
You are against it because Taron sells them? He sells frogs too. Are you against that?
I don’t have a problem with the occasional sale/trade/ giving of tadpoles. I just will not spend money for frogs or supplies with ANY business or hobbyist that makes the selling of tadpoles a regular part their operation. I hate to see the PDF hobby going in this direction for a multitude of reasons, but since this thread is about something else I will leave it at that.

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