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Petsmart Sale
Just wanted to let you know that Petsmart still has their exo terra tanks on sale. I talked to the worker and managed to get an extra 35% off of my two so I walked out of petsmart w/ two 18x18x24 exo terras for $96.83!!! They sale price on the exo terras vary from $42-120! Just wanted to share the good news with everyone. I believe zoomeds are on sale too but I like the double doors on the exo terras.
What did you say to the worker that got you an extra 35% off?
Just talked to him and told him what I was putting in there. I showed him pictures of the frogs and some of my other vivs. Then he got interested in trying to build one so he could get darts one day so I told him how to do it, gave my number in case he ever has any questions. Then asked if he could help me out if I bought multiple exo Terra's
The olde saying..."If you don't ASK, you don't GET".....

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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