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My first tadpoles from the 2012 pumilio imports
So Ive been having an awesome week with the pumilio and I just had to let eveyone know. This past week I caught one of my buena esperanza transporting, as well as my bahia grande, and popa. Today I caught 2 of my salt creek females transporting, as well as my chiriqui grande. I caught 2 of them transporting as well. All these came from the 2012 imports. I have a bunch from both of the imports that came in, and for the most past they all came out of qt and got paired or put in trios about a month ago. I am stoked. The salt creeks are my favorite, and I am going crazy that I caught 2 different females (in two different trios also) transporting at the same time. Oh and I also found 3 froglets in my bruno vivarium before we left on vacation 2 weeks ago! I am going to have lots of little pums hopping around soon. None of these will go up for sale either guys, so dont bother asking. I am a pumilio hoarder Wink I am going to try and get a new camera this week, unfortunately my camera got stuck into a joes crab shack bag and a steam pot spilled all over in the camera (thanks wife!), while we were on vacation a couple weeks ago. I am just so stoked I had to let everyone know. Anyone else out there having success with their 2012's? Anyone have any lomas going yet? That is one local I didnt get from this past couple imports and I regret it.
Will Wohlers

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