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Zoo Med 18x18x24- which frog would like this?
I have a 24" tall zoo med. Wondering which frog would like the height of this tank.... tricolors or galactonotus? It sounds like both of these frogs are in the medium range of boldness. True?
Tricolors are very bold and entertaining. They would use every square inch of that size tank.

Their call is outstanding as well. I'd recommend them highly as a first frog.
I am leaning to Tricolors for behavior and call. A breeder I emailed also recommended tricolors over galacs. Do they like a "water" feature more than other types of darts? I am mixed on whether I want to bother with that or not at this point in my frog forays. Shhh don't tell anyone but as a time saving, just starting out, trying this and that, I put a "portable" zoo med waterfall into another tank with "costa ricans" and it was a royal pain. I ended up pulling it out.
lol I can't really answer that one. I don't have a water feature in their viv. A small puddle at the front and that's about it. The Tricolors and my Leucs never go near the water. My Tincs are in it all the time. Go figure. It's going to get torn down eventually due to a clay fail...
with Tricolors, you could have a couple more in a small colony. The galacts will be more terrestrial as the get older and heavier so yes, that taller size may benefit the slightly more arboreal tricolors.

Tank design, hardscaping ect will be more important than overall dimensions though, in the long run.

Good luck and post any and all questions you have and we'll try to help.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
if I go with tricolors... the tank is already set up with zoo med cork board siliconed to back. Bottom is hydronton, ABG, long strand spaghum moss, and leaf litter. I've got moss in few spots in front where there is no leaf litter. A few plants to start out with- two tiny bromelaids, three small orchids, and some of those quick and easy plants from Petsmart- two small low growing ferns and a couple of gold ribbon plants. I purchased some cuttings of vining plant for back wall- one went caput and the other two are getting buy.

I've bought two large cork rounds and soaked/baked them. I was thinking to cut them in half the long way to make them half circles and put them up against the cork panel and fill them with ABG and then plants. one tube is 10in high and the other is 7in high. Kind of making a "stepped" or "tierred" system in the back one third of the tank. Thought when plants grow in they will be good for tricolors to climb up and down. More "hiding" areas for them, varied height in tank with plants and hopefully attractive to the eye.

What do you guys think?
yep...those are great ideas. Keep in mind the tricolors will at first, be skittish especially when the tank is not grown in, but this will pass and they will come out more and more in time. Their call is very bird-like and musical. It's a wonderful call.

Any pics you can take will greatly help us give you pointers.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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