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P. bicolor eggs - pics
I've had this group of 5 P. bicolors since May 2011. I believe it's a group of 2.3. They are housed in a 36x18x18 Exo-Terra and I've never witnessed any aggression between males or females. When I purchased then I would estimate they were only around 4-6 months old. I'm guessing of course but they had a decent size to them and just a hint of the juvi coloration on them. The males started calling last fall and over the course of last winter they probably laid 5 or 6 clutches of eggs, all of which were bad. They laid their last clutch in May, about a week after Frog Day, during a spell of pretty hot weather. Nothing since then..till today.
Since I've had these frogs in my care they have been supplemented with Repashy Calcium Plus, as well as Dendrocare, and occasionally, Reptivite and Rep-Cal. On June 1st and again on July 1st they received Repashy Vit A on the ff's. I did that just in case low Vit. A was the cause of all the bad clutches.
I have been patient with this group figuring like most big frogs it takes them far longer than a year to fully mature.
I heard a male calling yesterday for the first time in weeks. Today, sometime between 6 am and 10am they laid this clutch of eggs. Or perhaps it's two clutches. They laid these in the cocohut on the left side of the tank. The rest of the day there were two frogs in the cocohut on the right side of the tank and I could hear the male calling from inside the hut. I was hoping I was going to be blessed with a multiple spawning tank, but alas, no eggs in there.
So here's some pics of the eggs. 26 that I've counted. How do you guys think they look? I think they look a little different than the previous clutches which have all been bad.
Great pics Jon....dats a whole buncha eggs ! Very cool.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Thanks Phil. Currently there is more spawning going on in the other cocohut as I type this. I hope I get some good eggs as the bicolors are one of the few frogs I have that I have not been able to reproduce successfully yet.
Last month I set up a 20gal. long aquarium as a communal tad rearing tank. I hope I get to try it out. I've never raised tads communally yet.
Does anyone know how temperature effects P. bicolor eggs? I guess supposedly the genus Phyllobates likes it a little cooler than most Dendrobatids. Maybe I should be keeping the eggs cooler? It appears that clutch from yesterday is already turning white and going bad, just like they always do.
Unfortunately I can't address your questions, but I wanted to thank you for posting the great pictures and details on your supplement regiment. Very informative! Good luck!
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