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Do dart frogs have territories ?
I recently placed 4 Costa Rican Auratus in a planted tank. Do the frogs tend to "claim" certain areas as their own and return to them after roaming and feeding? Do males and females treat territories differently?
Yes. Dart frogs of both sexes can claim territories and/or interact differently with each other. They are just like people - you never know who they are going to get along with, or fight with. Sometimes a submissive male will co-exist fine and a #1 and #2 female will get along great and many other times....the opposite. They really seem to have personalities, which is hard to scientifically qualify, but I kinda believe it.

That's why enclosure construction, hardscaping - planting and good use or sight barriers, retreats and hides is so very important.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Just to add to Phil's post. I believe most territoriality in dart frogs centers around breeding activities and not "home" territories for feeding etc.
There are accounts in Lotters book about male Pumilio chasing other calling males out of their territory, but ignoring non-calling males, females and juveniles.
sometimes their territories are highly questionable as they pick out the most absurd and random spots in the vivs (which have beautiful large broms,canisters,leaves...) to call their spot! ex: inside they old water hose from old water fauture, in the inner lip of the exoterra screen top, inbetween the bg and the backglass(my bad there) and lastly inside the same rotten bromeliad tunnel somewhere on the floor....they defend them like no other.
Thanks for fill in of info Phil & Rusty. Sidney, I'd agree with that thought on randomness. One of my green/blacks has a tiny depression in the very back corner that appears to be his/her hideout. Nothing special.... just theirs apparently. My group is young in age still so it will be interesting to watch them when hormones kick in.

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