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Native Pill bugs (Rollie pollie) ok to use ?
I have a quick question I just acquired a new fully set up tank and two baby leucs. But I wanted to know if I picked up pill bugs from outside in the yard would they be harmful in Amy kind of way to my PDFs?
Isopods from your area could carry disease and pathogens. The soil could even contain chytrid. Those are extreme possibilities of course, but they could happen. I would obtain some 'hobby" isopods - orange or dwarf white and not take the risk.

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I'm still new here and even newer to isopods. I recently obtained Oranges and Giant Canyons from a commercial vendor - some of the Oranges went into the viv already, but I'm looking to establish my cultures before I start seeding heavily. One of the best resources I have found so far is the care sheet here on DD (sticky in the feeding section):

I'll admit that as soon as my kids saw the Oranges and Canyons they immediately went out side "roly poly hunting", so I now have a pill bug "house" going Smile The pill bugs won't make it into the viv - they are just "pets" for the kids. Hadn't thought about the chytrid issue that Phil raised. Good warning for us newbs.
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Thank you all I appreciate the info. And the link helped out a lot!!Smile

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