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What is the hype about pumilio?
Anyone want to give me a detailed response? Not just "they're hard to breed".

Is it their colors?

Azureus - Imitators "Cainarachi Valley" - Leucomelas - Black Jeans
My collection is primarily pumilio, and I can tell you its a combo of all those plus more. Their small size appeals to many, the frequency at which most males call (can be fun to have a room full of obligates all call battling each other at once), plus the fact that they are obligate egg feeders. Their is nothing more exciting and fun to watch then a frog completing an entire life cycle without your help at all. I love pumilio, I also think they have the "cutest" faces out of all other darts. Also there are so many different kinds. There is something for everyones taste. It also gives you extra self gratification when you get these "rare, harder to breed" frogs thriving.
Colour - Yes..kinda unique and of course, variable... for dart frogs.

Personalities - Yes, they are a little more aggressive and engaging than most other dart frogs.

Rarity - Nope, not at all rare. Although some morphs seem to only make it to import every few years or so.

Breeding - Yes, here's the challenge. Getting a compatible pair and then taking care to raise the froglet to sub-adult or even adult hood. Much harder than most other dart frog species.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
hahaha thanks for the quick responses guys. It was something i was really curious about.

What would be a good morph to start dabbling with?
Azureus - Imitators "Cainarachi Valley" - Leucomelas - Black Jeans
Any morph that someone has closeby and fairly cheap. Maybe someone local is producing tons of Basti's or maybe eldorados.

Here's my standard "What should I buy" answer...

Buy from a LOCAL breeder who you may have already met, will probably meet and who has a great rep. Maybe they are big forum posters or maybe not. Research and Go Local ! Saves on shipping and frog mortality but here's the big one

Get ready for it...

You make a hobby buddy and get follow up customer service. Need some spare or emergency FF cultures...Boom. Need a frog sitter....boom. A true local network is worth it's weight in fruit fly gold.

Kin ya tell, I support the local breeders ?

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Hahah yes i definitely can tell you support local breeders. And good news! I know demonic lives about 20 min from me (where i originally got my imi's) and i think he may have a few species. Once im totally prepared ill try contacting him.

Thanks for the advice!
Azureus - Imitators "Cainarachi Valley" - Leucomelas - Black Jeans
oh're in a GREAT frogger area then. Mike can tell you some other guys to get from. You will be in good shape - no doubt.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I wouldnt wait to contact demonic. I would go ahead and hit him up. It will give you an idea of what he has going on (which helps with time planning), and he will also be an invaluable resource to bounce ideas off of as you are working on your build, or just trying to plan. He could start you in the right direction either way. I would also for your first pumilio get one of the larger sized locals like Phil mentioned. Eldorados, and Bastis are both awesome, but so are cristobals and almirante/man creek for starter pumilio. Either way I would like Phil said, buy local, ask lots of questions, and go with cb (wc can actually be just as good/better but cb always for your first pums). If you stick to those three criteria, you cant go wrong whichever local you decide. Now remember some locals are far more shy than others. I have all 4 of the previously mentioned locals and they are all pretty outgoing/bold. Good luck and if you need to ounce some ideas off me or would like to see some of my setups or anything feel free to pm me.
Will Wohlers
Isn't Mike pretty much totally out of the hobby now?? Allergies and other issues and such?
Feel free to email me with questions. I have a few years under my belt with obligates.
There are many issues with pums and pum importers/flippers in our hobby that a number on boards can not/will not convey.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

If tone is more important to you than content, you are at the wrong place.

My new email address is: and new phone number is 773 577 3476
And you are close enough to Rich to make a trip out of te whole situation. I would highly recommend checking out his obligate room, and some of his procedures. It is definately on my bucket list, but alas! I live so far away.
Hahaha that would be really cool to check out his room. Ill have to send you an email here soon rich, im very interested. I saw your email somewhere on the forums before. Ill try and find it. I have a 40gal breeder that just needs to be planted... could be a nice new home for some pum =)
Azureus - Imitators "Cainarachi Valley" - Leucomelas - Black Jeans

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