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Next hamburg PA - Who's going ?
Any froggers/vendors going to this ?
cbreon Wrote:When?
first or second week of august. i don't remember the exact date. i ask because this is usually the hottest show (lack of air cooling)
And that is why I probably won't go, especially this year. I will probably make some of the Fall shows though...
The next show is August 4th.
Bill Heath said he will probably be there.
Mike Novy told me he is skipping this one.
When I spoke with Jeremy Huff, he was undecided.
I should be there in the morning.
They have 6-8 huge $500.00 fans now, and they TRY to keep the doors closed ect. The August show is always the hottest. Last year was not so bad though, if i remember correctly.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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