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Silicone help
Hey y'all I'm having a problem finding correct silicone. I have packages and packages of white lightning silicone RTV. Is this safe to use? I can't post a picture of it on here due to iPhone is somehow not smart enough. But If you pm me ill gladly give my number out to someone that will help me out. Thank you very much
When choosing silicone, select a product that is 100% silicone with no mold inhibitors. I always use GE II.

Good old fashioned aquarium silicone will work just as well, but it's not cheap.

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It says nothing about mold but on the front it says "cured sealant resists mildew growth" the only reason I ask is because I work for a builder and I literally have cases of this around my house. I don't mind going out an buying something I was just curious of this would work to save a buck. I have used it on almost all of my ball pythons.

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