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auratus behavior question
I have 3 Dendrobates auratus 'el cope' I got about a week and a half ago from UE. They are about 10 months ootw, and believed to be a 2.1 group. Anyhow, about 3 days ago, one of them started sitting up at the top of the tank (there is about 2 inches of space between the top of the background and the lid on the tank). He comes down to feed, spends some time hopping around afterwards, then promptly goes back up. Then this morning, I searched and searched to try to find one of them, and finally saw him sitting behind a brom (between the brom and the wall of the tank). Up until these changes, they had all been very active mainly on the bottom of the tank. Is this normal or should I be concerned there is some aggression going on? I have not seen any aggression, even when they come face-to-face.

FYI, it is a 33 gallon, heavily planted tank with 3 cocohuts. Daytime temps are 75-80 with at 5-7 degree drop at night, depending on how warm it has been that day. Humidity stays between 85% and 92%. Thanks.
CLP, I bought a group of 6 El Cope auratus from UE in the fall of 2010. Some of the frogs in that group initially did the same thing. IMO since they've only been in that viv for a week and a half, they are still getting used to it. Stressed frogs will sometimes climb the walls and act strangely in an effort to "escape" the tank. Give them some time, they should calm down. However do keep an eye on them, if that behavior contines steadily in the coming months it might very well be a sign that something is askew in their environment.
Now a year and a half later, I only very occasionally see a frog climbing like that. Also, once they mature they will become very bold frogs. I often see all of them out at the same time hunting or hopping around. It won't be long till they are calling so listen for a pretty audible buzzing sound. Enjoy your frogs, my El Copes are probably my favorite frogs.
It sometimes takes a month or even more before frogs settle down. Some auratus are shy and skittish no matter what, and others are very bold. auratus are unpredictable like that - more so than tincs or leucs IMO.

All your tank parameters sound good.

Just feed a little on the 'heavy' side and make sure no one starts to look skinny.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
OK, thanks for the info. I'm new to the hobby, so probably a bit too worried about making sure my frogs are happy and healthy! The do seem to have very different personalities/temperments. The one I think is female is incredibly bold. I have put my hand in to move a cocohut and she hopped right over to see what I was doing!

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