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4 monthly Epipedobates tricolor calls- how it is possible?
2 months ago I bought four frogs Epipedobates tricolor was then only a 2.5 month yesterday, one began to call, and now there is the question: A 4 MONTH OLD frog may already be sexually mature ?
Is it possible that they may be older than you think - 4 months ?

Even so, that soon may just be possible. Remember - Calling is only the START of sexual maturity and it's going to take more months before that calling frog is going to be 'proven' and fully capable of mating. They are practicing their calls and 'warming up'.

You may have an 'early bird' or quick learner.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
no is not possible i'm sure of that!
the good side of this is : now i can be sure that I have one male.
thanks for fast reply .
I've had Leuc males call at 4 months. They were nowhere near ready to breed though.
I had anthonyi froglets calling around 3-4 months
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
i also have a epipedobates and was wondering the same. He looks to be mature, but hasnt stared calling yet. I hope to get a female soon though, so hopefully this would give him that extra push haha

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