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WTB: luecs and auratus

Looking to buy some older luecs and auratus preferably close to calling/breeding age if not doing so already. I'll take blue or green auratus not too picky on the specifics of those guys. I want to pick them up on my way to south Dakota on the 13th of August. I will be driving from Plainfield, il to Madison, sd. I can either go to Wisconsin and Minnesota or through Iowa. Google map up my route and if you happen to be anywhere near it please let me know! I would love to do it at one stop but beggars can't be choosers. Im willing to go off route a tad so if your at all wondering let me know.

I'm sure you won't have much of an issue finding what you're looking for locally... However, if not... I have a couple extra calling male leucs if you need them Smile


Where are you located?

Southern California

Alright well I'll keep you in mind.

Also some sips would be nice.

I'm not local, but if you can't find what you're looking for, I have adult banded leucs. Males have been calling, females showing breeding behavior, but I have so many in the tanks that the females are either eating the eggs or they're just not laying.

I also have costa rican froglets, and I have tads about out of the water for hawaiian auratus, green sips, nominant leucs, and maybe highland bronze auratus.

If you can still count the number of frogs you have, you obviously don't have enough.

Pm me with some prices and your location!

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