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COOL new vert kit idea and IKEA rack shelf system !!

Someone PLEASE contact this guy and ask him to please post a build thread or 5 over here. This design is awesome and clean.

I can't seem to imbed this viddy yet....pardon that. Here's the link:

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
wow that is awesome!!!
While I really like those and think its a great upgrade over the standard vert kits I still dont like the fold down doors and dont like the use of magnets for vivs. Ill stick with my sliding doors for now.
See, now I LOVE those doors. I really like the front opening / drop down doors, especially for the small to medium size tanks.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I like the magnets drop down doors!! But I also love the Exo Terra's Smile
For anything over a 12" door on a vert I dont like fold down doors.
might be good for like a 25gallon cube I guess. all my vivs are 30gallon plus though
Ever had a flip down style door slip from your hand and bust on the shelf? Or even smack the bulkhead drain on the face of the bottom and bust that peice? Sucks. Switched to all sliding doors ecxept for one after the second time that happened. Just one of the few reasons I wont ever switch back to them.
For me I like using magnets to hold the doors on my vivs...makes it more ff proff in my opinion.

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