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Brazilian Yellow Headed Tincs and Viv
Hi all,

I know a couple of you guys have been helping me over the past few months getting a 40 bow front set up but the trouble of getting glass cut, the tank drilled, and dealing with ventilation was too much for me to deal with in my excitement for frogs lol. So that plan has been put on hold although it is definitely still in the works. Instead I went out and got a 18 X 18 X 24 exo terra to set up as my fist viv. I did a gs foam background and planted with springtails and isopods seeded. I got my three BYH tincs from a local breeder and am absolutely fascinated by these little guys. I went a little overboard on the fly cultures and have flies coming out the wazoo though lol. I think I planned for a frog army instead of 3 three month old frogletts. Better too many than too few though! Frogs were properly quarantined and fecals performed before putting them in the viv. They seem to like it. I'd love to hear ya'lls opinions on the setup. The pics of the frogs are from their quarantine container. I need to borrow a friends dslr to get good shots of them in the viv, the hang in the back under the overhang that the main piece of wood creates.
Very nice! I really like those round hides mounted in the back. Is that some sort of pod embedded in the GS?
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Thanks! I actually took a cork round, sawed it in half at an angle and then siliconed each half to the glass before foaming around it. I'm not sure if the frogs will ever use them but I figured at worst i'll use 'em as planters lol
It looks great. Love all the hides!

Agree...Very Nice !

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